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Effective User Stories

Kategorie: Produktový management
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This practical tutorial addresses a number of challenges that agile teams face when working with User Stories. The deceptively simple style of Stories make them initially appealing, but potentially dangerous if not handled well. Many teams easily fall into bad habits and story dysfunctions, from having oversized epics that live for multiple iterations, to swarms of sticky post-its that leave external stakeholders baffled as to what is actually going to be delivered and when.
We will explore a range of practical tips and techniques that will help you regain control of your backlog and allow you to create stories that are expressive, meaningful, concise and valuable.
This tutorial is primarily aimed at Product Owners, analysts, Scrum Masters and testers but will be beneficial for anyone responsible for creating, accepting and collaborating on the development of stories.
Topics covered include:
  • Stories as Better Requirements
  • Naming, Structure and Writing Style
  • Acceptance Criteria, Examples & Testing
  • Backlog Management: Cards and Systems
  • Splitting and Slicing Large Stories
  • Communicating Priorities and Milestones: Story Maps
  • Collaboration, Conversation & Documentation
The tutorial contains a number of practical exercises to support the content.

David Evans is an experienced agile consultant, coach and trainer with over 25 years of IT experience. A thought-leader in the field of agile testing, he has provided training and consultancy for clients in the UK, USA, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, France, Australia, Israel, South Africa and Singapore. A regular speaker at events and conferences across Europe, David was voted Best Keynote at Agile Testing Days 2013. He has also had several papers published in international IT journals. He currently lives and works in the UK, where he is a partner along with Gojko Adzic in Neuri Consulting LLP. He can be reached at on email and @DavidEvans66 on Twitter.


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